These Three Linkbuilding Techniques Rule the SERPS in 2019

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Believe it or not, link building remains a controversial topic for SEOs, even in 2019. That’s because, over the years, the “secret” of the power of links became evident to everyone. Google and other search engines started to combat link building, making the subject more complicated. However, even this year, certain types of backlinks still power high rankings.

Three techniques worth considering are curated links, guest posts, and PBNs. Let’s take a look at all three in-depth to help you decide on a course for your link building program.

Guest Posts Are a Way to Build Traffic and Backlinks

The concept behind guest posting is simple. You write a high-quality, informative content piece that links back to your site in the bio box. The high-traffic and authoritative website publishes the post. You receive traffic and “link juice” from the post, creating a win-win situation for all involved.

Many of the most significant websites online have so much content because of their guest posting policies. Do some general searches and look for high traffic websites in your niche. Send them pitch ideas for your articles, and you’ll find takers quickly. It’s always a good policy to focus on the websites that are most similar to yours. That way, the traffic will have a better chance of converting when they land on your pages. Don’t forget, links that drive profits are the ones that matter most of all.

Curated Links Speed up the SEO Process

The primary goal for a Curated Link is to find a web page that exists online to insert a backlink. The benefits are that the page is already indexed and cached by Google, so adding the link means the next time the spider crawls the page – the link will count. For SEOs who are attempting to move rankings up sooner rather than later, this fast action is welcome.

Running a link campaign of this sort involves outreach. You’ll probably want to add a tool to automate the process. Mostly you’ll need to find a lot of relevant pages that have dead links on them. Then you’ll send a request to the webmaster to add yours as a resource. The process takes time and effort, but the backlinks tend to be of the highest quality and offer rank boost potential.

PBN Links Give Website Owners the Winning Edge

The term PBN refers to a Private Blog Network. These are websites that allow guest posting for a fee. The sites are already indexed, so a new guest post is authored that includes a backlink to the author’s page. The best types of PBNs are on-topic and contain a small collection of extremely high-quality content pieces. That way, there’s less dilution in the link and traffic value. Since PBNs carry recurring costs, it’s crucial to estimate expenses accurately to ensure a profitable return.

You may decide to maintain a PBN of your own, or perhaps you’ll leave the management tasks to a third party. Either way, you’ll need to ensure that the links are on pages that offer real value to end users. It’s unlikely that a backlink from a reliable page will do anything other than boost rankings. For example, the PBN links by SEOlutions continue to dominate the SERP landscape because they offer reliable results for customers.

Choose the Strategy That Gives You the Best Chance to Succeed

All of these techniques are powerful. It’s probably best to err on the side of doing too little, rather than overcommitting. Test each of the methods with a few links and carefully monitor results. All of these techniques may become time-consuming. If you don’t have the extra hours to invest, you can find a service to help.

Are you thinking of hiring a provider to help? Take a look at the current work they do for clients. Are they having the kind of impact you’d like for your site? Contact them and find out how their process works. You may be able to handle the project yourself, but if you have more important things to work on, there’s no need. SEO is a complicated process, and it requires a commitment of resources and money to achieve.